Awareness creates inner peace together with the world around you.

GROOTINSPIRATIE is a holistic way of coaching, in which you will gain more awareness and learn to trust more in your knowledge, intuition and feeling. In time, it will help you to grow and to achieve your dreams and goals. During coaching I also use my intuition to help you as best as possible.

Perhaps you have a dream or a goal! But how do you achieve it? Making your dreams or goals come true should not be at the expense of your family or your health! Life is intense and turbulent, but you want also to remain who you are, to stay true to yourself.
Whether you are in sport, or working within an organization or fully engaged in a life of art and creativity, the hard work of achieving your goals requires close attention.

Despite all the effort and time that you dedicate to achieving your vision, sometimes it goes wrong. Other times it may go well.

Either way, if you don’t see yourself as a whole, and take a holistic approach to your efforts, it’s likely that one part of who you are can help while another can work against you. This can inhibit you from getting where you want to go.

An outstretched hand helps you up. A holistic way of coaching is just such a helping hand, creating greater awareness and confidence.

A holistic approach takes everything into account. You are connected to everyone and everything around you, what’s going well and what’s not going so well. By gaining more insights into yourself, a greater awareness of how to achieve your goals comes into view.

Let’s start with a no-obligation introductory meeting in a relaxed atmosphere. Then you can decide whether to join me in a process to progress. A good connection between us is an important condition for working together.

The right inspiration is a boost to help you to achieve your goal or dream!

Besides my dedication to being a holistic coach, I’m an enthusiastic golfer and I also give golf lessons. It’s possible to combine both at once; to be coached on more than just the golf game, while also learning to play golf. This combination creates a new experience.

What is holistic coaching?
A holistic approach considers the whole, rather than the sum of the different parts. Holistic perception is looking at one whole and not separate parts.

As a holistic coach, I look at you as a whole. You do not consist of separate parts in relation to your surroundings, nor can you adopt role-playing in relation to your environment. My approach contrasts from other practitioners who may be more focused on your private life or work.

You are all in one. If you are not one, frictions arise. Some things will not go in the way you want, and this may lead to physical complaints. Holistic coaching creates greater awareness of who you are and what you can do, so that confidence grows.
With greater awareness and more confidence, your path evolves in the direction of your dream or goal. The improving sense of balance is calming and helps you to embrace your goal.

Talent can help, but there is much more to achieving your dream or dream. Other factors are your knowledge, behaviour, emotions, intuition, relationships, family, relationship to the outside world, passion, discipline, and physical and mental health.

As a whole, you have strengths to help you, and weaknesses which work against you. This tension can freeze your progress. Standing still is going backwards – that’s not what you want. It helps to have a sounding board, or a mirror, in the form of an outsider who see through a different lens, so that you can grow.

Our holistic coaching conversations can be held at your home, so you don’t have to move. Or we can take a peaceful walk in your own environment.
Online coaching or a telephone consultation may be suitable.
Choose what suits you!

GROOTINSPIRATIE is a unique way of holistic coaching, in which I draw on my knowledge, intuition and feeling – as a personal coach, entrepreneur, sports coach, naturopath – combined with my own life experience, to help you to achieve your dream or goal.

In this way we move together on the way to more awareness, confidence and balance.

Please feel free to contact me.

About me

For as long as I have been an entrepreneur and sports coach, I was always busy with guiding people and inspirer them. That interest has led to me obtaining the certificates for personal, team and conflict coaching and a Master in organizational coaching.

After doing a number of change projects, I felt the need to continue working on my mental skills. I followed the natural medicine course which has helped me a lot in my further development. The knowledge of natural medicine has given me more insight into life and how I can better help people and organizations.

Thanks to the unique combination of my experiences as;
entrepreneur (43 years)
sports coach (43 years)
personal team and conflict coach (12 years)
organization coach (9 years)
naturopathy (7 years), from a holistic perspective I can offer people and organizations
the guidance they need.

With enthusiasm, humor, kindness and curiosity and always focused on clarity, I guide people and organizations towards something great. My age (1957) helps me to coach in a positive way: my life experience has made me understand more about life

Please feel free to contact me.

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